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Introducing the 2024 NEW Original Air Conduction Bluetooth Headsets, the latest innovation in wireless audio technology available exclusively at Banana Bazaar. These Open Hanging Ear Wireless Headphones are meticulously designed to provide an exceptional audio experience, seamlessly blending comfort, style, and cutting-edge features, making them the perfect companion for your active lifestyle.

Key Features:

1. **Air Conduction Technology:** Immerse yourself in a revolutionary audio experience with the advanced Air Conduction Technology. Instead of traditional ear canal speakers, these headphones transmit sound waves through the air, ensuring an open design that keeps you aware of your surroundings while delivering crisp and clear audio.

2. **Wireless Convenience:** Free yourself from the constraints of tangled wires and experience true wireless freedom. These Bluetooth headphones provide a seamless connection to your iPhone, ensuring a hassle-free and enjoyable listening experience on the go.

3. **Open Hanging Ear Design:** The unique open hanging ear design offers a comfortable and secure fit, making these headphones ideal for sports and active lifestyles. Enjoy your favorite tunes during workouts, runs, or any physical activity without worrying about earphones falling out.

4. **Built-in Microphone:** Stay connected effortlessly with the built-in microphone. Take calls with clarity and convenience, whether you're on a run or simply multitasking throughout your day.

5. **Sleek and Stylish:** The 2024 NEW Original Air Conduction Bluetooth Headsets feature a sleek and stylish design, combining functionality with aesthetic appeal. These headphones are not just a tool for audio; they're a fashion statement, complementing your style effortlessly.

6. **Designed for iPhone:** These headphones are optimized for iPhone, ensuring seamless integration with your Apple device. Experience the perfect harmony of performance and compatibility for an enhanced audio experience.

Upgrade your audio journey with Banana Bazaar's 2024 NEW Original Air Conduction Bluetooth Headsets. With their open hanging ear design, advanced technology, and compatibility with iPhone, these wireless headphones are crafted to meet the demands of modern, active lifestyles. Immerse yourself in superior sound quality while enjoying the convenience of wireless connectivity, making every moment an auditory delight.


2023 NEW Original Air Conduction Bluetooth Headsets Open Hanging Ear Wireless Headphones For IPhone with Mic Sports Earphones 

Parameter configuration:
* Bluetooth solution/chip model: Lanxun 5656T2
* Pairing name: GT286    
* Bluetooth version: Bluetooth V5.3
* Supported protocols: L2CAP/A2DP/AVCTP/AVDTP/AVRCP
* Prompt tone: Chinese and English default English 
* Main body material/surface treatment process: ABS/full material  
* Support functions (fill in details): binaural HD call, Bluetooth music playback, long battery life     
* Transmission distance: barrier-free ≥ 15 meters                      
* Charging port: TYPE-C             
* Charging voltage/current/time: 5V/250mAh/2 hours 
* Charging case battery model/capacity: 602030/300mAh    
* Headset battery model/capacity: 501025/70mAh 
* Music playback time (80% volume): 6-8 hours        
* Talk time (80% volume): 6-8 hours
* Operation mode: Touch control                                
* Color: Black/Orange/White

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White, Black, Orange