4 IN 1 Car Charger Dock for Cup Holder Wireless Charging

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Introducing the 4 IN 1 Car Charger Dock, an innovative and versatile solution exclusively available at Banana Bazaar. This cutting-edge device is designed to revolutionize your in-car charging experience, providing a convenient and efficient way to power up your iPhone 13, 12, AirPods, Samsung, and other Qi-compatible devices. Transform your cup holder into a powerful charging station with this sleek and portable car charger.

Key Features:

1. **Wireless Charging Technology:** Say goodbye to tangled cables and embrace the future of charging. The 4 IN 1 Car Charger Dock features wireless charging capabilities, supporting Qi-compatible devices. Simply place your iPhone 13, 12, AirPods, Samsung, or any other compatible device on the dock, and enjoy the convenience of cable-free charging.

2. **Versatile Compatibility:** This car charger dock is equipped with a USB Type-C port, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of devices. Whether you have the latest iPhone, AirPods, Samsung, or other USB Type-C enabled gadgets, this charger dock is your all-in-one solution.

3. **Cup Holder Integration:** Designed to fit seamlessly into your car's cup holder, this charging dock maximizes space and provides a secure spot for your devices while driving. The compact and portable design ensures it's easy to install and move between vehicles.

4. **4-IN-1 Charging:** The dock accommodates up to four devices simultaneously, making it the perfect solution for road trips, commutes, or long drives. Charge your iPhone, AirPods, Samsung, and an additional USB Type-C device all at once, ensuring everyone stays powered up.

5. **Portable Phone Charger:** Beyond its use in the car, the charger dock doubles as a portable power bank. Simply detach it from the cup holder, and you have a convenient, on-the-go charger for your devices wherever you need it.

Upgrade your car's charging capabilities with the 4 IN 1 Car Charger Dock from Banana Bazaar – where innovation meets convenience. Simplify your charging routine, keep your devices powered on the road, and enjoy the versatility of wireless and USB Type-C charging in one sleek and portable device. Transform your cup holder into a charging hub, making every drive a seamless and connected experience.



4 IN 1 Car Charger Dock for Cup Holder Wireless Charging for iPhone 13 12 Airpods Samsung Portable Phone Chargers QI USB Type-C USB C

Product Parameters:

* Input Power: 12V-24V/5A
* Output Power: mobile phone 15W (Max); Type-C 10W (Max); USB 10W (Max)
* Conversion efficiency: greater than 73%
* Transmission distance: charging distance ≤ 8mm
* Size: 184*94*150MM
* Product color: black
* Product material: ABS+PC
* Applicable models: QI standard wireless charging mobile phone; USB output; Type-C output

Version Differents:
* 4 IN 1 Version: 2*USB Output; 1*QI Phone Wireless Output; 1*Airpods Charging Output
* 3 IN 1 Version: 1*USB Output; 1*Type-C Output; 1*QI Phone Wireless Output;

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4 IN 1, 3 IN 1